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Student Travel and Health Insurance 101

Are student health insurance and student travel insurance – really necessary?  Just like everything else in life, being a foreign exchange student has it’s share of ups and downs. While the down moments should never outnumber the positive opportunities of… Continue Reading →

Summer Abroad Vs. Semester Abroad

Every year thousands of young adults, enter exchange student programs to advance their studies, improve their personal development as well as the opportunity to travel abroad.  Although there are many critically acclaimed foreign exchange programs, it is important to choose… Continue Reading →

The Cost of Summer and Study Abroad Programs

When your child is participating in a study abroad program, devising a budget will help you plan accordingly and prepare for any unforeseen expenditures.  Not to mention, with you student being so far away from home, it may be a… Continue Reading →

Smart Strategies for Finding a Winning Student Exchange Program

Making the decision to participate in a student foreign exchange is not a simple decision.  High school and college students come from all over the world to study in the USA and families have a the choice to host through… Continue Reading →

Extenuating Circumstances with Host Families and Exchange Students

Aside from the excitement, personal fulfillment and the enriching aspect of foreign exchange student programs, extenuating circumstances are a part of life.  Be it transportation, illness or simply irreconcilable differences, both hosting families and international exchange students may have their… Continue Reading →

Review the Laws Before Becoming a Foreign Exchange Student

Despite the opportunities of personal development and academic advancement, becoming a foreign exchange student represents many responsibilities.  Exchange students are required to adhere to the laws of a foreign country.  When exchange students travel to the United States, they are… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons to Consider Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student

The advantages of hosting an exchange student are many.  From the exposure of another culture to the rewarding sense of fulfillment, there are five reasons to open one’s home to students studying abroad. Personal and familial development. Be it travel,… Continue Reading →

Do Foreign Student Exchange and Cultural Exchange Programs Offer Lessons in Life?

In the world of cultural exchange programs, learning transcends the walls of classrooms.  Adventure enthusiasts, the ambitious as well as bilingual students are drawn to the allure of education via a foreign student exchange program.  The excitement of learning, living… Continue Reading →

Student Exchange Program Costs

Depending on a student’s educational goals and objectives, selecting a place to study abroad to participate in an international student exchange program can be an overwhelming task.  For obvious reasons, cost and the quality of the education are key factors. … Continue Reading →

How to be a Host Family

It does not take a family of high-achievers, mother of the year or winning the All-American family award to qualify to host a foreign student. The underlying ability to nurture, take care of and accommodate a budding student is at… Continue Reading →

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