Aside from the excitement, personal fulfillment and the enriching aspect of foreign exchange student programs, extenuating circumstances are a part of life.  Be it transportation, illness or simply irreconcilable differences, both hosting families and international exchange students may have their share of eventful situations to overcome during the school year.  Nevertheless, international student exchange programs solve solutions to medical emergencies, incompatibility and as well as transportation issues.

Handling an International Student Exchange Illness

No one is immune to illness. All international student exchange programs provide health insurance. Even though the natural parents of an international exchange student are considered the student’s legal guardians, when an exchange student becomes ill, a host family will act on behalf of the student’s biological parents.  Consequently, host families should keep the international exchange student’s Certificate of Insurance handy, completely read and adhere to the insurance instructions.  In cases where host families are confused on handling a medical emergency, they can contact the information hot line or call their local Representative.  (A copy of the international exchange student’s physical examination is included with the application).

Solving International Exchange Student Incompatibility Differences

During an international exchange student’s stay, a representative will be assigned to offer support for the international student exchange program.  The liaison is a professionally trained local representative who will make monthly visits to ensure that the international exchange student and the hosting family are adapting and making progress.

The Representative’s other responsibilities include maintaining regular contact with the local high school, providing a comprehensive monthly quarterly report, an overall student evaluation of the student’s academic achievement, family life coupled with other social activity and interaction.  (In cases where an international exchange student is incompatible with the host family, a representative will offer support and if the differences are irreconcilable, the international student exchange will arrange for placing the student with another host family.

Transportation and the International Exchange Student

Regardless if a student has a driver’s license in their native country, young adults who participate in an international student exchange are not permitted to drive.  While, certain host families may feel obligated to assume the role of chauffeur, it’s only necessary when it is convenient for the principal host or if other teenagers in the home have a driver’s license.