Are student health insurance and student travel insurance – really necessary?  Just like everything else in life, being a foreign exchange student has it’s share of ups and downs. While the down moments should never outnumber the positive opportunities of student travel, there are a few ways to prevent the pitfalls of an unforeseen circumstance during the term of the high school exchange student program.

Depending on the type of foreign exchange program one participates in, it can be the difference between a wonderful experience and a financial setback for one’s parents.  It’s one of the primary reasons; a prospective high school exchange student should consider a program that features both student health insurance as well as, student travel insurance.

Regardless if you opt for a full school year student exchange program or a summer study abroad program, the benefits available in each program may vary.  While certain high school programs may offer student travel insurance as well as student health insurance, the policies may cover different benefits for varying circumstances.  For instance, a student travel insurance policy may extend complete coverage for a lost or stolen computer.  However, the policy may come with a myriad of restrictions.  As a result, it is quite important to review and understand the terms of any student travel insurance, before opting for the coverage.

On the other hand, finding an exchange student program that comes with student health insurance can eliminate a lot of the guesswork, worry and confusion in finding a solid policy that will accommodate the medical and emergency needs of the foreign exchange student.  Additionally, your son or daughter will need a certificate of health insurance document validating their health and any medical conditions.  Not to mention, the family who hosts your child’s high school exchange student program will need the certificate of health document as proof that they have been given the authority by you.

Student Travel and High School Exchange Student Program tip:

Insurance policies are vital tools to ensure safety and mitigate any unforeseen expenses.  Since many foreign student exchanges offer student health insurance and student travel insurance, be sure to compare, and review the details of any policy.  Pay particular attention to the coverage’s restrictions and exclusions.