Depending on a student’s educational goals and objectives, selecting a place to study abroad to participate in an international student exchange program can be an overwhelming task.  For obvious reasons, cost and the quality of the education are key factors.  While the foreign exchange student programs offered in America are usually more affordable than the international student exchange programs offered in Western Europe, these academic opportunities are based upon location.

Foreign exchange student programs offered in Eastern Europe, Asia, or South America, or even Africa are by far less expensive than in other countries.  Nevertheless, it’s still possible to find expensive international student exchange programs in countries with a lower cost of living.  However, in countries where the cost of living is stronger than the US Dollar, foreign exchange student programs may seem like a bargain.  But, it’s a good idea to be clear on what one is looking for in an international student exchange program.  Paying a little more for a program that serves your academic and cultural expectations can pay for itself.

Another way to consider the cost-savings of an international student exchange program can be based on the population of an area.  For instance, it would cost more to participate in a London-based exchange program— simply because it’s a located in densely cosmopolitan region.

In the United States, more costly foreign exchange student programs called island programs are inclusive of just about every service.  From Onsite support to cross-cultural orientation, special language-training courses, social activities as well as excursions of interest are some of the amenities of the island program.  Depending on the needs of an exchange student, the extra cost can be well worth the value of an island international student exchange program.

Foreign Student Selection Insider:

To potentially save money on a foreign exchange student program featured at a specific international university or location, first determine if more than one sponsor offers the same opportunity.  In various cities, a number of institutions sponsor similar international student exchange programs at different price ranges.  Remember that international student exchange programs sponsored by private institutions are more expensive than the foreign exchange student programs offered by public schools and organizations).