We have an urgent need for local representatives in your area!

Here is a way to make some extra money, and it’s something you can feel good about doing. Unlike the infomercials, get-rich-quick schemes, and pyramid plans you’ve heard about, this is a legitimate opportunity to work at home without any investment and without having to harass your friends and family members to buy something or join your downtime.

There is absolutely no selling involved in this income opportunity. You will be providing a valuable service and meeting interesting new people who want to meet you. Simply put, you will be helping to place foreign exchange students with host families.

Why do we need you? ForeignExchangeStudent.com has been assisting students, host families, and student representatives since 1998. We receive thousands of host family applications each year. About 75% of these come from the United States and 25% from other countries. Sadly, we have to turn down 20% of our host family applicants—simply because we do not have a representative in their area.

As a student representative, your responsibilities will include visiting potential host families and evaluating their suitability based on specifications we provide. Once the family is deemed eligible, you will help them choose the student who will be the best match for their family. You will also contact the high school to register the exchange student and oversee other necessary courses of action to help the student and the host family. We provide all the host family, school district, and information forms you will need, and we’re always available to answer any questions or help you in any way we can.

Another way you can make money is to find host families on your own. Schools, churches, civic organizations, clubs, and workplaces are all potential sources. You might simply post a flyer with some basic information, or put a notice in your church bulletin or company newsletter.

Remember, there is no cost for you to sign up as a student representative. You will incur a few expenses, such as gasoline and long-distance phone charges. These may be tax deductible.

It doesn’t matter where you live—from Topeka, Kansas to Athens, Greece—we will receive host applications from your area. More than 35,00 students will come to the USA this year. We always need dedicated, caring student representatives to assist us. To sign up now to get paid for placing students with host families in your area, fill out and submit the application below.

Approximately 147 days remain before the next fall school session normally begins for most of the country

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